Upcoming events

In the making

We are currently planning some new exciting events for 2022 …

Past events

UNBLOCK Fair Art Fair

DATE: 10/11/12 and 17/18/19 September 2021
LOCATION: Studios ID, Genslerstr. 13 13055, Berlin

Together with curators Denis Leo Hegic and Jan Gustav Fiedler of ‘Museum of Now’, the Collective is planning a big, week-long event in September 2021 – parallel to Berlin Art Fair.

Lange Nacht der Bilder

DATE: 03.09.2021
LOCATION: District of Lichtenberg, Berlin

The Studios ID Collective will again take part in ‘Lange Nacht der Bilder’, organized by Bezirksamt Lichtenberg – a yearly opportunity for all visitors to spend a night visiting a diverse set of artist studios across the district.

You can spot the Collective’s members by the Collective’s logo on the doors to their studios!

Open Studios ID

In 2018 some artists working in the Studios ID complex initiated the first bigger event of what later became the Studios ID Collective – a two-day group exhibition and open studios event that drew a crowd of 800-1.000 people to the studios.